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    hide navigation buttons?

      I would like to take control of the presentation's navigation, providing my own buttons within the presentation to allow the user to jump to specific aspects of the presentation. This is thwarted by the navigation buttons along the bottom of the presentation.

      Is there a way to hide those navigation buttons from the user? (Or disable them, at least?)

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          Hi there,

          I don't believe there is a way to disable the buttons in the 'wrapper' created by Breeze Presenter.

          Regards, ian j
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            asm0d Level 1
            If you're familiar with Flash and Actionscript, you can use a Flash module to modify the player (which is just another Flash module itself). Try including this Actionscript on a button (or something else the user would have to click) that you drop in at the start of your PPT presentation:

            _root.m_controlBar.m_playBtn._visible = false;

            This will disable the play button for the duration, but is sort of a "hack" and totally unsupported by MacroDobe.


            By the way, if you change it to:


            it simulates pressing the play button - you can use this to programmatically control the Breeze player.

            The other controls are:


            Marc B
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              You can actually hide the "Wapper" that is exported with your Breeze Presentation. What you do is export the project to a local directory, open up the folder in which the export is located then open the folder "data" and edit the file "vconfig.xml" in a text editor. There is a bunch of properties you can change there under <layout>. I have managed to get rid of the wrapper by changing some of those values to false. Sorry you will have to play around because i don't remember exactly which ones to change.
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                Hi Guys
                Thanks for the info.
                Is there anything like an SDK for Presenter on the Adobe website?
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                  hi guys, its one setting, the "playbar" in the second or third string of controls. just make sure its set to false and you'll be all set.