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    PCC Files too large

      Hello All. I'm having an issue with adobe presenter 6.0 and powerpoint (office 2003) on Windows XP home. I'm creating a presentation with audio, about 30 slides and 1 hour of audio. The resulting PPC files I'm getting are upwards of 200 MB ! I just recorded a test of 10 seconds and the resulting PPC file was almots 1 MB in size.

      I bet this is not normal. I am using medium quality in presenter preferences, and I'm not changing any default. Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance
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          I can't explain it -- maybe someone else can -- but there's a way to minimize the ppc size.

          The only way I found to make that ppc file smaller is to create the audio files in an external app, then be sure that "compress" is checked before importing the files. If you record using the actual "record audio" feature in Presenter, though, I think you may be out of luck.

          Tip: Name your audio files consecutively (e.g., 001.mp3, 002.mp3...) and you can select multiple files for import. They will automatically slot into the next slide from the one you've selected.
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            What audio quality setting are you using in the "Preferences"?