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    How do I use "Trim Paths" after "Create Shapes from Vector Layer" on a strokes only layer?

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      Adobe After Effects CC




      I have imported an illustrator file that was created in Illustrator CC 18.0.0. The file contains the outline of a logo. It is the logo with the fill set to none and the stroke set to 1px.


      I drag the logo_strokes.ai file onto the composition, right click, and click Create Shapes from Vector Layer.


      A new layer is created and in the Contents "drop down", a Fill 1 layer is created.


      When I select the Contents "drop down" and click Add / Trim Paths, a Trim Paths 1 layer is created.


      When I animate Trim Paths 1, it appears to animate the Fill layer, not the stroke.


      How do I get it to animate just the stroke, and not show a fill at all?


      Thank you.