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    Relative image sizing failing to preserve aspect ratio?

    Autumn Hoverter

      Creating a reflowable ePub for later conversion to kf8, and I just converted my indd files to CC 2014.  Previously (in CC), I'd export to ePub 3.0 and the page-width images I'd told to resize with the text flow would do so beautifully.  Now, the ePub stretches them to take up the entire width and height, aspect ratio be damned.  I've toggled every setting I can find.  Nothing helps.  I could, of course, settle for fixed-size images, but the resizing ones suit my particular purposes.  Anyone else had this problem?  Or is it just me?  Any suggestions?

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          Yves Apel - IC Level 2



          yes, this is a feature bug in CC 2014.1 when converting the ePub to kindle as well as the appearance on some android based apps. I've already reported it to Adobe, but the more people do, the better the chance is that it get's fixed quickly.



          To fix it, there is no option yet in InDesign. You need to crack open your ePub and go to the CSS.

          Search for all entries containing "_idGenObjectAttribute" in the name. Usually only 1 entry and maybe a second if you have interactivity included.

          Within "_idGenObjectAttribute" you should find "height:100%;". Replace it by "height: auto;" or delete this line with the height.


          Unfortunately its only an incomplete fix. InDesign CC 2014 uses completely new semantics, defining multiple classes for a container as well as using id's for container formatting. When converting to kindle, older Kindle devices do not understand these values, so you will only get crap.