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    Urgent HELP .swfLoader not working after deploy

    SPGAnne Level 1
      I'm in a panic, about to take a prototype app on the road to show users. All works dandy on my development machine, but I moved it over to my laptop. Everything works fine except the few components I put in with the .swfLoader. They are simply not there. I do NOT have broken puzzle pieces and I checked that the .swf's in a folder I call assets work fine inside my laptop browser. It's just when I launch the .html wrapper (built by Flex) to launch my app, the embedded .swf's aren't there. I tried building a really simple Flex tester that just has one of the little .swf's in it. Same problem. Any help would be VERY much appreciated. The .swf's are key to my demo. I leave in a short while.......
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          ntsiii Level 3
          This is almost surely a security issue. The server that is serving the swf assets must be *exactly* the same domain as the server servicng the swf.

          If it is not, you must have a crossdomain.xml file in the root of the web server serving the swf assets.

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            SPGAnne Level 1
            Thank you very much for trying to come to my aid. I ran out of time and had to hit the road without everything working. Bummer. Fortunately, we got thru the demo OK with a bit of hand waving, but now I'm back from the trip and need to get to the bottom of this.

            When I put everything on my demo webserver and access the app over a network, the .swf's show up fine. It's just when I put all the files on the laptop in a local folder that I seem to have this problem. My development machine is running IE 6, the laptop has IE 7. So I also tried it on another desktop machine running IE 6 and also have the problem. These machines ARE also loaded with Tomcat on one and Apache on the other. That's the only thing different than my development machine. Any other ideas/suggestions on what to do?

            BTW, I'm pretty dumb about any server side stuff, so you won't insult me in the slightest if you really spell things out about what I should do. Thanks very much in advance for your help.
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              ntsiii Level 3
              What is the url you use to run the flex app?

              What is the url for SWFLoader source?

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                SPGAnne Level 1
                Tracy, again I am much obliged to you for your willingness to help me. Sorry if I seem like a super dim bulb, but I am very much a newbie to Flex and web development in general (other than html and some Flash stuff), so pardon me for my bumblings.

                Here's how things are set up on my Development machine. Inside My Documents Folder I have a Folder called Flex Builder 2. Inside that folder I have a Folder called Experiments where the mxml for my project is. Also in the Experiments folder I have the followng folders: .settings, bin, html-template and
                assets. assets is the folder where I have my little .swf files I made in Flash.

                When I put the .SWFLoader component in my Flex app, I used the properties panel to navigate to the assets folder where my .swf is located. Then when I click run on my development machine, all works fine. If I close Flex Builder, and navigate to the Experiments folder, I look inside the bin folder and I see the testApp.swf and the testApp.html which Flex Builder made for me along with another folder called assets. This I find odd since when I put the component in the app to begin with, I did NOT point to the Experiments::bin::assets, but to Experiments::assets. The assets folder inside bin seems to be a clone of Experiments::assets. Why is that?

                At any rate, I then move to my laptop the assets folder that is inside bin along with the testApp.swf and testApp.html.

                Interestingly my testApp also references .png files that are in the assets folder and those show up on my laptop machine with no problems whatsoever. (I also put those in my app using the same technique - namely I used the Image component and then used the properties panel to navigate to the .png in the Experiments::assets folder.)

                When I look at the mxml source for each of these components they say:
                source = "assets/myImage.png"

                Again, I VERY much appreciate your willingness to help me with this.