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    .swf quality settings?

      Hi all,

      So here's the problem I'm having. I have a short video clip that I want on a slide 1-2 minutes max. I created the source video using Final Cut Pro, and if anyone can tell me what the best format to save it in, so that I have the the best opportunity to end up with a quality end solution, I would appreciate it. Here's what's been attempted so far...

      1. We've tried .wmv, .mov, and other options, using the "best" settings for output from FCP.
      2. Then I opened them in Sorenson Squeeze (latest version), and as I want these to be part of a Presentation, the goal is to end up with them in .swf format, for embedding into powerpoint.
      3. In Squeeze, I've chosen the preset for (.swf's) VP6_256Kbps, and also VP6_384Kbps, along with many other options, with the intent of trying to find the one that will provide the best quality output, without massive "Buffering" times.
      4. Unfortunately, none of the options in Squeeze seem to have much effect on the final output - they all look very pixelated, even without any scaling. I know that I've seen very good looking video before, but I cannot seem to figure this out.

      Thoughts are appreciated, in advance!