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    syntax question (for Tween class pros maybe?)

    stephan.k Level 1
      I've posted it earlier but no one replied. Maybe my post was a little confusing. I'll try again.

      Here is the code ( > comboFunc is the problem child):

      var tweenType = [_root.tweenOptionsComboBox.selectedItem.data];
      var easeType = [_root.easeOptionsComboBox.selectedItem.data];
      var comboFunc = [tweenType+easeType];
      this.tween = new Tween(this.ring, _xscale,comboFunc, 0,100,5, true);

      Basically there are two comboBox dropdown menus on the root. Listing all Tween options (Regular, Bounce, Elastic...) and all easing options (easeIn, easeOut...) How can put the two dynamically together without a long switch statement...

      any insight appreciated.