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    Error with compiling module

    artoix Level 1
      I have such folders structure in my Flex project:
      In modules/ folder I have a module (<mx:Module>) myModule.mxml.
      That module imports class myConnector.as from classes/ folder using statement:
      import components.classes.myConnector;
      I can work with class' properties and methods and there are no errors. But when I try to compile myModule.mxml with mxmlc using command:
      mxmlc pathToProject/components/modules/myModule.mxml
      I get an error:
      Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: myConnector.
      private var myConn:myConnector;

      As I see compiler cannot locate myConnector.as class, even though it is located correctly while authoring.
      How can specify path to that class for compiler?

      Or there is anything else wrong?

      Thanks in advance.