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    Imported skins - not working 

    Mrs.Kirk Level 1
      Hi there,

      I have just imported a skin file (skn file) into my Web help pro project and when i generate and view i can see all the changes ive made and it looks very nice. However, when i publish and view my website the skins do not appear within the content & index area. Both the buttons and background color do not appear. The only area that stuck was the left hand column.

      Any ideas why?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Crystal

          Try defining a totally new window, then setting it as the default. This should be done for the project listed as the primary in your WebHelp Pro RoboEngine setup.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Mrs.Kirk Level 1
            I tried that and it didn't work. It's just odd because when i generate and view layout i see everything there but when publish i dont get the top part of the new skin.

            Anything else you can suggest? Is this possibly a bug?
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              Ive tried your suggestion and ive also contacted Adobe tech and they asked us to verify that ALL files have been uploaded correctly to the server, and to make sure they are actually sitting on the server. If all of the image files are within the same folder, then all of the images should be showing up. But I also explained to them that it’s not just the images that are not showing up, but rather the background colours (aqua) as well.

              So they suggested we try importing the skin again and see if we still have the same problem. I have attached a fresh copy for you to try.

              None of the above have worked and our imported skin still only appears in the TOC and not the top frame where the TOC & Index buttons are located.

              Can you offer me any other advice?