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    Keylight - CUDA or OpenCL?

    ericmlevy Level 1

      Is Keylight and/or Key Cleaner accelerated by OpenCL and/or CUDA?

      I'm keying 4k TIFFs, and it's painfully slow. Keylight's slowing down the system, and Key Cleaner is really slowing it down.


      Which part(s) of my computer should be upgraded to keep up.


      System specs:

      CPU: i7 960 3.21GHz

      RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333 (down from 24GB, 2 dead sticks!)

      HDD: SSD system drive. SSD cache drive. Working from a 130Mb/sec RAID-0.

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 480 1.5GB


      Not excited about this industry-wide move to 4k.  $$$$$$$$