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    Embed fonts

      I am using a font named Keys in HTLMHelp pages and it works fine on computers having the font installed in Windows. Is there a way to embed the font (or used characters) in the chm file so that it would not be necessary to install the font to other computers?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi ROland and welcome to the RH forums. You can use font sets in RH to define the fonts to according to the help, "define and substitute, if necessary, the font used to display output on end users' systems in case the font is not available on their systems."
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            Roland_Thiébaud Level 1
            Hi Colum, thank you for your answer, but I do not think this help me. Defining the font in the Font Set does not do anything but just let you use the font for editing in RH. I'am using a font that show keybord keys as characters, i.e. for representing <Ctrl>, or <Shift>, <Delete> etc, and using a subsitute font will also not help as there is no common fonts illustrating keyboard keys. My problem is to embed this font for the HTM files that are compiled in the CHM. For example such a feature is possible in MS Word where we can embed fonts (or used characters only) in the Save Options. I'm currently using RoboHelp X5.0.2, is this maybe possible with version 6?

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              Hi Roland. The way CHMs work is that the user has to have the fonts used in it on their PC. If they don't, the browser attempts to substitute a font that is. This is where a font set comes into play as you can define the fonts to use. In your scenario there is no way around this using RH. Could you ship the font with your application and get the users to install them or get the SETUP.EXE to do this for you? This may not be an option though.
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                Roland_Thiébaud Level 1
                Hi Colum. Shipping the font and installing it on the end user PC is of course technically easy, but the the font is submitted to distribution license ..., that is why I would avoid it and try to embed the font.
                I tryed some times ago to use the Microsoft WEFT tools to find a solution for embedding the font for each HTML files used in the RH project (I got the idea from another forum microsoft.public.helpauthoring). The TTF file is transformed into an EOT file and should be added in the [FILES] section of the HHP project file. However I did probably something wrong and I could not solve the problem at that time. But maybe the solution is somewhere in that area ...

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi Roland

                  Interesting suggestion there. You may want to give that a try. In RoboHelp HTML, we add things to the Files section via the "Baggage Files" pseudo folder of RoboHelp HTML. Just right-click it and point at the file you wish to add. If things go well, it adds and things are fine. The process may fail due to an issue with Baggage Files. Fellow Community Expert Peter Grainge has information on working past this bug. You may read this information by clicking here.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    Roland_Thiébaud Level 1
                    Thanks to everybody who tryed to help me. I must urgently release the help CHM file and I have no time to try further to embed the font with the WEFT tool. I convinced my company to buy the distribution licence of the font, so we can install it on the end user PC.
                    However I am still interrested of any idea on that subject. I will also suggest to Adobe to implement a way to embed fonts like Word does it for a future version of RH.