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    run DTS from Coldfusion

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      Hi all,
      I used to run my dts pkg like this example, but it doesn't work anymore with
      SQL 2005.
      Anyone try this?
      Please help... tks


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          Stefan_K. Level 1
          I remember calling DTS fom CF with the sp "xp_cmdshell" (used to execute DOS-commands) together with something like "DTSRun /~Z0x061EF145A1BC32F5750509079C2778DF4AFFF43F8F6C637E317F39F73EE50A794D7BDF82C5F56229CD35 DBE5C93C07F697725BC96A45A3C64A11D1FCAD5E21AC2C9BE6FBD32B5011465A20A3E3DF7B41F94FBABF839DBC D190DB7EC0D9697D8D0A6A898C7993532D69A6C50A5DAB842D280A9C2C0ACB40923A255BF8413DD5C571B11C2E A2EBB27485C4C80DA611E033167AF8"
          , which you see when you schedule a DTS and then examine the steps of the created job.
          SQL Server->Management->SQL Server Agent->Jobs : Select the job corresponding to your scheduled DTS, then the rider "Steps" and double-click the step ...

          Don't know of this still works in SQL 2005 and "xp_cmdshell" is said to be a security risk, thus often disabled.

          Hope it helps!
          Stefan K.