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    combobox closes

      I load a swf-file into level 5, this swf contains a scrollpane, a combobox and a button.

      whenever I open the combobox and try to scroll the list using the srcollbar, the dropdown closes.

      I tried to catch and show the events with the following result: when I click the scrollbar the following events fire (where fldSession is the name of the combo box element):

      onSetFocus('_level5/fldSession', '_level5/depthChild0')

      (or depthChild1 to depthChild4, dependig where I click). So the scrollbar seems not to be part of the combobox, that's why the combobox looses focus and closes.

      The behaviour is the same when the combobox is inside a sub movieclip, if it's created dynamically, ...

      And what seems misterious to me is that I use comboboxes in other swf files and there I don't see that problem.

      Can anybody give me some hints?