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    Loading Html within a Dynamic Text Box

      Hi, I'm relatively new to flash, and I am attempting my very first flash website. I've hit a wall though.

      I would like to ask the experts in here how to load an external HTML file within a dynamic text box?

      More specifically, I would like the following to happen:

      1) User clicks on a menu button at the side
      2) the dynamic text box in the middle of the page loads up a specific HTML file.

      I am completely clueless as to how to proceed. Please help.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          flash have a very limited number of html tags that it understands. so, it is unlikely that you are going to load an html-coded page into flash and have it display unless you edit the html code to limit to tags that flash can understand and load it as a text file using loadVariables() or the LoadVars() object.