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    Moveable sprites into next scene.

      I aplogize if this has been asked before and/or is in the wrong forum...

      I'm creating a final project for a Director class in college. I want to make a fashion doll game where the the clothing is dragged onto the model. The project must be 15 scenes, so I'm going to have the player select the shirt, go to the next scene and then select the pants, etc.

      Here's where my problem is:
      I managed to make the moveable sprites appear into the next scene, which is part of what I want.
      However, I only want the sprite which is placed ON the model to appear in the next scene.

      How would I go about doing this?

      Thank you.
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          Level 7
          You probably have to record the sprite number as it is dragged into place

          global installedSprites

          on draggedintoplace aSpriteNum
          if not listp(installedSprites) then installedSprites = [] -- init list
          append installedSprites, aSpriteNum

          you could record additional stats in sublists

          append installedSprites, [aSpriteNum, sprite(aSpriteNum).member]

          then consult installedSprites when redrawing? in the next section

          repeat with i = 10 to 20
          if not getPos(installedSprites, i) then -- sprite num stored in simple
          sprite(i).visible = false -- visible is one possible way to select
          displayed sprites
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            James Newton, ACP Level 3
            The easiest solution would be to use the puppetSprite command. This takes control of the sprite chanel away from the Score. Any sprite channel that is puppeted will *not* show whatever the Score says it should: it shows what you have asked it to show using Lingo.