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    FLVPlayback - detecting end of video

      I am using the FLVPlayback component in Flash Professional 8 and having problems detecting when a progressively downloaded video finishes playing (I do not have this problem with streamed videos). I add a "complete" event listener like so:

      var listenerObj:Object = new Object();
      listenerObj.complete = function(aEvent:Object):Void {
      // arrange to play another video
      gVideoPlayer_mc.addEventListener("complete", listenerObj);

      But the complete function is not called for the progressive videos I am working with (I did not create the video files). The video just stops playing. If I add a "stateChange" event listener, I sometimes see the video enter the "buffering" state very near the end of the clip (which is strange). If the metadata in the flv file I am downloading had the wrong video length, would that cause this problem? Any other ideas?