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    Making my website live.

      My website page is now sarasplace.com/index.html and it says "Coming Soon." Now I am ready to make my website live, but my webmaster said to just save my sarasplace.com/index2.htm to sarasplace.com/index.html and it will take the place of the Coming Soon page. BUT . . . how do I do that. I tried to click on CHOOSE and that doesn't allow me to do anything. Then I thought I'd SAVE, but where? Publish?? Can't find how to publish the entire website. I am sitting here with a website and can't get it on the frickin' web. I am so sick of trying to manipulate this software!!
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          Your webmaster is correct. The web server will "serve" up the index.html file by default, so any file sitting there with that name will be your "home page". In Contribute, what you'll need to do is this:

          1. Open your current (old-Coming Soon) page currently named index.html and click Edit to go into edit mode.
          2. Then choose File-->Actions-->Publish As New Page. You'll get a dialog box that will let you save and publish this file with a new name, such as index_old.html.
          3. Now, navigate to (the Choose... button works well for this) and open in Edit mode your index2.html file and do the same thing--publish it as a new page and just name it "index.html". Presto! Your new "home" page will be this page and you're off and running.
          4. At this point, you'll simply need to open and publish all the rest of the files (pages) of your website individually. Unfortunately, you won't be able to FTP an entire folder or such as Contribute handles it one page at a time.

          I hope this gets you going! Just a couple of quick suggestions:

          - be sure to create a backup of your new home page by possibly publishing it with a name like index_bakup.html. This won't destroy the current "index.html" on either the server or your machine; it'll just create a copy of it with a different name.

          - from now on, be sure to keep the name of your home page (index.html) EXACTLY as it is; in other words, don't change it to "index.HTM" or "newindex.html" or some such thing. The web server is likely set up to be looking for a file by that exact name so that if a surfer just enters "saraplace.com"
          WITHOUT typing the name of the home page file, it'll know to serve it up by default. Cool!

          Hope this helps, and good luck :-)