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    What color spaces/profiles are used?

      I can’t find any information on the color spaces/profiles/tags used for the Kuler color conversions.... can someone please help?

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          the color conversion from one color space to another within kuler should be consistent with default color space conversions within Adobe Illustrator CS/CS2/CS3. As an FYI, kuler is a subset of the Illustrator CS3 Live Color feature. The formulas for the color themes have been derived from this source. You can learn more about Live Color and Illustrator from the following URL. http://www.adobe.com/products/illustrator/features/

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            The ICC-profiles should be selectable.
            They should always show up behind the RGB and CMYK entries.
            Also the used CMM should be selectable and documented on screen.
            A colortransformation without knowing about these conditions is worthlessly.
            There should be a information whether the created color fits the RGB- or CMYK-Profile-Color-space or was cropped (by the rendering intent).

            It would be nice if kuler would be allowed by the user of that website to use the actuell CS3-Colorsetup (selected on the users computer).

            If a color theme is stored and published, all this should be documented with that theme.