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    Process for customising BC site templates

    grantsmith74 Level 1


      I've been looking through BC Gurus which is great, although quite in depth, I should explain I am very new to BC and Web design in general. Whilst looking around the net it suggests it would be quicker to take a BC template and customise for my clients needs.

      However, I can not find any decent tutorials for a sensible process for taking a template and customising. I suspect I should be looking to edit the main site CSS file and default template, but is that correct?

      In a nutshell, I took the Halftone template, applied to my site, synced with Dreamweaver, now what! I can't even find how to change the logo

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          grantsmith74 Level 1

          Is this forum not widely used? No replies in four days after the post would suggest this isn't the best place to get help?

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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Grant, The forums are very active.

            There are a number of us that are not fans of the - just edit templates to create clients sites so some of us wont comment on this. But in terms of what your asking is quite broad, its a lot to do with HTML and CSS and Javascript knowledge.. on top of that BC knowledge as well.

            A logo change is going to the content holder or part of the template where the logo is and changing the image html. This is more standard html and css knowledge and people spend a long time learning this and a wealth of information. I do not use templates for example so I can only give a broad answer on how to edit html for example. If you need to learn html and css stuff there is a million and one things out there. In the guide section on these forums there are docs about things and also links to guide sites like BC Gurus to help learn BC and this stuff.

            So it is quite hard to post a helpful response so I guess that is why you not got a reply.

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              M R K Development Pty Ltd Level 2

              Hi Grant,


              There are some free templates on my site - bcappcenter.com - It could be a good start to look at those so you can get used to customising a site.


              Every BC template is also made differently so it is a exceptionally broad subject you have asked.