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    Yet again Flash Installer doesnt work !


      Over the last six months or so,each time I get an update notification from Adobe Flash Player,I duly download the installer,I run installer as set out in Adobe's instructions and each time ...........................nothing.It just hangs. 0% in the task manager.


      The only way I can get things to work is to install the FULL installer which works.This did NOT happen prior to about six months ago.


      I'm running IE 11 and Firefox 33 all other updates are correct on Windows 7.


      Try to find the link to the full installer !  Seems Adobe are trying to hide it. All you get is the buddleware version (I do not want bloatware Macafee thanks !!!!!!!!) that does NOT work,the same useless help page,a contact us link that pushes you to a spam ,porn infested forum !. Typical of large  companyies who hide and don't like their customers. This issue has been raised over and over again in various forums and STILL Adobe have not fixed it !!!!!!!!!!


      When I have to install an  update.I expect it to install and update,not have to spend hours of my time looking for solutions ,going round and round to the same "help"pages and trying to find the illusive full installer links !!!!!!!!!!!


      I expect a contact page to have just that,not just a forum only option.Proves Adobe don't want custom.