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    Move corresponding text and overlapping graphics

    subieguy2 Level 3

      OK so I have a JavaScript in CS4 that I wrote that will take selected text objects and create a layer formatted the way I need it.

      For example the following text items are selected:

      13   16   23   FF

      The script will create the following layers:

      Callout 013

      Callout 016

      Callout 023

      Callout 0FF


      There is always a circle and a line behind each text item. They look like this....(I have included screen shots of the objects properties)


      I am wanting my script to recognize the location of the items that overlap the corresponding text and after it creates the layer just send it all to the correct layer. So text object 13 would create the layer and the circle and line that are with it would go to the layer Callout 013. These items are not grouped. I am moving them manually right now but the volume I do I thought I would ask. This could be way too advanced and if it is I will continue doing it manually.

      Here is what the final layers would look like after the script ran...


      Anyone willing to advise or help me figure this out? Greatly appreciate it!