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    Tested LR CC and purchased LR5 EDU - previous work deleted?


      Hi all,

      as said in the title I tested LightRoom in the CreativeCloud version and decided to purchase the software after the 30 days trial period. I now got myself the LR5 EDU version, so not CC!

      Today I received the serial number and of course I cannot just activate my already installed CC (test) version with that since this is exclusively for the stand-alone version.

      Now before installing my EDU version I would like to know how I can be sure to keep what I worked on in the CC version.

      I already found out that it is possible to export the final images as JPEGs. However I would very much prefer to have the library as it was before the test period ended - i.e. including the editing history, so that I can continue working at the point where I left it.

      Is this possible in any way? Is the LR installation process maybe even intelligent enough to automatically take care of this?

      I hope I managed to make my issue clear.

      Thanks in advance for any helpful comment!


      Oh: Win7 64bit