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    processing multiple conditions

      I hope you RH wizards out there can help me with one last problem. I've just spent the last week merging 3 RH5 projects into one RH6. I have conditional tags for AppA, AppB, and AppC. Some topics and some text in a couple topics are tagged for AppA and AppC. However, when I generate the help for App A , none of these topics or text are included in the output.

      Please tell me that I'm wrong here, but my guess is that because my Single Source Layout says "Not AppB and Not AppC" RH is throwing out EVERYTHING marked AppC, even though some of it is also marked AppA. That just has to be wrong. Can someone please tell me I'm wrong and what I've missed to make this work?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          You are right. If you SSL says "NOT AppC" it will exlcude all APPC content. The bit that confuses me is when you say some is marked with AppA. Do you mean that you have topics (or content) has both tags assigned to them? If so, I'd recommend changing this. You'd be best to think of these build tags as methods of inclusion or exclusion over and above the norm. In other words use no build tags in your content unless you want to include/exclude. Hope this makes sense.
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            Try defining your conditional build tag as "AppA." That should include everything marked "AppA" PLUS everything not marked with any tag. If a topic is marked with AppA and AppC, this method will incorporate it into the output; if you use exclusionary build expressions, however, it will be omitted (which is the problem you're experiencing).
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              sjderrick Level 1
              Thank you for the responses. I went back to the dialog to define the conditions of the layout and realized it is definitely an exclusionary system. I am now (on my last day at this job) in the process of creating additional tags with every possible combination of the three original tags and retagging the entire system. Not the amount of work I wanted for the last day, but ....

              Along those lines, I'd like to commend the members of this forum for the helpful responses in the last couple weeks. I really did jump into RH6 with no POC effort and no time for trial and error to figure it out. I've posted here multiple times recently and someone has been there to help each time. Thank you.