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    Multiple stops /labels in timeline not working with PNG-sequence


      Hi there,


      I'm working on a project what includes several PNG sequences. One of the PNG-sequence is an animation of a car riding in and stops, opens the hood and starts smoking. At least the car is getting pulled away by a tow truck.


      My setup:


      I put a the PNG-sequence in a symbol. This symbol is standing on the timeline with several stops.

      On this symbol I have serval actions: one mouseover and one single click. I have put the stops and labels in the timeline at the place where each animation starts.


      By opening webpage: Car is riding in and stops automatically

      On mouseover: car opens hood and starts smoking.

      On mouseclick: car is getting pulled away by tow truck.


      When the car comes in it stops and I'm able to do a mouseover for opening the hood. Then the animation won't stop at the second stop/label at "drive-away". So the car is away, even before I can do a mouseclick to say "drive away!"

      How can I get it working so the animation also stops at the second label/stop?


      When I made a new project with only a simple rectangle animation and 2 stops, it works...