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    Flex Builder Next

    flashgruven Level 1
      I'm new to the Adobe world as a developer and have been using Flex Builder 2. Having just seen the CS3 launch I notice no mention of Flex Builder CS3.

      What is the road map for Flex Builder? Is there a replacement within the CS3 family of products or is Flex Builder going to be around for a while?

      I'm looking at building RIAs from the perspective of a Web Developer and find Flash provides the wrong metaphor.

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          gaurav_ch Level 1

          Flex does not form a part of Creative Suite as its a complete development platform and not a design platform. Its for the developers only so it does not form a part of Creative Suite. What I have heard is that Adobe is going to come out with Flex Builder 3 later part of this year or next year. Don't worry, Flex is a big thing and with Apollo coming out, I don't think Adobe will discontinue it soon.

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            peterent Level 2
            Gaurav is correct - Flex is not part of CS3 because Flex is part of Adobe's Enterprise offering which includes LiveCycle. We are highly commited to Flex. Flex has its own timetable and you will see new versions with improvements and features that our customers want (because we ask you what you want).

            Flex was designed to address the needs of the Web Developer in that it uses an HTML-like syntax (MXML) and a JavaScript-like language (ActionScript). In fact, JavaScript and ActionScript share the same base: ECMAScript.

            Apollo addresses the need to have a secure, multi-platform, desktop runtime environment that incorporates Flash, PDF, and HTML. Apollo apps use the same UI classes asFlex and you can use Flex Builder to make Apollo applications.

            Flash is part of CS3 because Flash has traditionally been used by Web Developers along with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. to build HTML-based web sites where Flash was part of the page; Flex apps generally ARE the page. Flash CS3 will help bridge the workflow gap between Flex and Flash because Flash CS3 also uses ActionScript 3.
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              jpsoul Level 1
              It would be nice to have a bundle with Flex, Flash, and Apollo. It seems that there is an idea to seperate Flash from being a development tool with the release of Flex and the inclusion of Flash in the CS3 suite. While Flex builder may be a superior environment for writing code, I think the Flash IDE will still be required for many Flash developers (for creating place-holder art and such).