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    Interactive pdf - button states broke and flickering


      I created an interactive pdf in InDesign CS6. It has about 100 pages and a side menu to navigate between pages. Additionally I added some buttons on single pages. The buttons have rollover as well as a clicked state. Exporting the pdf shows no problems when I open the file on my own computer with adobe acrobat. However if I open it from another computer the pdf shows broken button states where the rollover state is only visible for a fraction of a second and then disappears! On another computer some buttons of the menu are not visible at all or all interactive elements are flickering as if they are loaded on the page over and over again..Very irritating! And no way I can use the document like this!

      This is quite frustrating! I tried already all kind of things, like exporting the pdf from an older version of InDesign (CS4 and CS5) or changing image resolution. Nothing helped..

      Any idea how to solve this issue?