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    I cancelled my Adobe Forms Central end of July and my CC is STILL being charged.  Now What? (my account shows no subscriptions)

    GTKB Level 1


      Jul 31, 2014 10:40:47 AM EST

      nfo: You are now chatting with Sonam.

      Sonam: Welcome to Adobe technical support team

      Sonam: My name is sonam

      Sonam: How can i help you?


      ME: need to cancel Adobe FormsCentral for XX@XX.com

      ME: we have a monthly charge on our credit card and would like to cancel.

      Sonam: Okay

      Sonam: No problem i'll help you

      info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ME at the end of your chat.

      ME: thank you

      Sonam: Please allow me some time let me check the details under your account

      Sonam: Thank you so much for staying online

      ME: no problem

      Sonam: I have cancelled your subscription

      ME: thank you.

      Sonam: Nw your credit card would not get charged

      ME: thank you

      Sonam: Anything else i can assist you with?

      ME: no thank you. thanks for your assistance..

      ME: Enjoy your day.

      Sonam: Thank you for contacting Adobe technical team

      Sonam: Have a great day

      Sonam: Bye.

      ME: Good Bye

      Sonam: you can disconnect the chat now