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    When printing a form, blank drop downs do not print


      I am creating a Form for people to use and wanted to give them the option to print it out and fill it out by hand if they preferred. I have encountered a problem with printing Drop Down Menus: if you select one of the options from a Drop Down Menu, everything prints fine, but if you don't select anything the empty box will not print. The weird part is that if you click on the Drop Down Menu, but don't select anything, it will then print the empty box. I also tried it with one of the existing templates and the same thing happened, i.e. prints the box with the selction if a choice is made, prints an empty box if the menu is clicked on but nothing is selected, prints no box if the Drop Down Menu is left alone.


      I am not sure if this is a printer setting in Adobe Reader/Acrobat or if this is a setting in FormsCentral. Can anyone help me find a way to force all Drop Down Menus to print out the black box regardless of what is entered or clicked on? Thank you!