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    Timeline Driven Content Box


      I had this idea while doing a job application through a page of tabbed content.



      I work with 3D graphics and we market ourselves by doing a demo reel video, but unlike a Zbrush artist or an animator, I don't sell only great looking results, but also creative technical decisions. <br>

      It's a mix. They can't just look good on paper, but the final result leaves many interesting details out. So I need both. A video for the results and html content for details.



      So I came with this idea of a box where content changes depending on the video's timeline. Basically like subtitles, on steroids. This way people can just see the video as one piece or augment what the video shows with information in the box, or even just navigate in the box.

      Sketch: http://i.imgur.com/szssAha.png



      This seems like a mission for Html5. Can Adobe Edge do it? As anyone released something like this or is working on it?