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    HELP: Loading dynamic movieclips into ScrollPane

      Hi -- I'm a beginner in Actionscript, but have jumped in head first due to my job. Please help; very stuck, and looming deadline.

      What I've done: I've created a movieclip ("individual_listing") in my library that has three dynamic text fields. I parse my XML using loops and "if" statements to fill in the appropriate data. Using "attachMovie," the "individual_listing" repeats (looking like a table with three columns) with as many "rows" (i.e. attached movieclips) as needed.

      What I want to do:

      My XML/movieclip "table" is too long; it needs to be scrollable. I am trying to load the "individual_listing" movieclips into an empty movieclip called "container," that will display in a scrollPane. I can't get it to work. (Have tried creating "container" in the library and exporting for Actionscript, and also tried to create it inside the scrollPane on the fly. Neither way seems to work.)

      Relevant code is the following:
      (This all is supposed to happen on a mouse event, when the user clicks the "00tab" movieclip, I want the scrollable table to display).

      Everything looks right to me. Please help!