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    29.97 footage coming in at 30.090 and clipping frames


      I got a couple of very short clips from the editor (4 and 5 frames each). They were shot @ 29.97, verified by opening the source files in QT. When I import the footage into AE, though, the frame rates are weird. One is sets to 30.090 and the other 30.151. Also weird is that on playback, the first two frames are frozen (even though there should be motion) and the last two frames of motion get cut off. Setting the interpretation back to 29.97 drop frame doesn't fix it.


      After not being able to figure out why it's happening or how to fix it, the editor sent a longer clip (16 frames) and the problem went away. Any ideas why this happened? Was the clip just too short for AE to handle correctly?