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    system capabilities

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      At home I am still running CS5 on my 2010-ish Mac Book Pro and it's running Snow Leopard (10.6.8). I want to upgrade to Mavericks and start subscribing to Creative Cloud. Before I do that, I need to make sure things will run properly and won't get bogged down. I'll likely need to run several design programs at the same time. I just can not afford a new computer right now. I'm also worried about changing anything because with my luck, my computer will get angry and I won't be able to finish the freelance projects that I am in the midst of! Just want to get with the times and finally get Creative Cloud.

      Here is a screen shot of the basic computer info. Will extra RAM make any computer run better? Just wondering if that's the simple answer.


      Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 9.24.34 PM.png

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Different Cloud programs have different requirements... you should ask in the forum(s) for the programs you use


          I will say that an i5 and 4Gig is really minimum for something like Premiere Pro, and will likely not work very well if you want to edit HiDef video


          If you will start at the Forums Index https://forums.adobe.com/welcome

          You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use

          Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says All communities) to open the drop down list and scroll

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            CarinTMCLG Level 1

            Thanks. I was hoping to avoid going to forums for the individual apps because I didn't want to get answers based on one app. I'm looking into a lot of posts from other graphic designers and also as much system requirement info as I can and it looks like I might need more memory (which is unavailable for my mac) and definitely more space, which is just an issue of deleting some files, correct? I know that should probably be a no-brainer, but unfortunately a lot of this stuff doesn't make sense to me. I would consider myself an artist who is forced to use computers.


            Now that Yosemite is available, I better get this figured out soon. Apple says 10.6.8 is the oldest version that can upgrade to Yosemite.


            People are recommending 8GB of RAM to run CC assuming you want a few apps open at the same time, but as I mentioned, I am stuck at 4.

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I suspect that whatever hardware tinkering you're considering will not pay off and reward you with the better performance you're seeking.


              Have you considered purchasing a new MacBook Air or Pro which will give you all the horsepower you need?

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                CarinTMCLG Level 1

                I dream of a new computer every day.   I just can't do it. It's a struggle just to pay for gas and groceries right now. The refurbished macs are not even low enough for me.


                Do you think i'll have a problem even upgrading to Yosemite? Here are a couple more screen shots that might help. One is from when I went to "About this Mac" and the other is from "get info" on my hard drive.

                Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.56.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.55.39 AM.png


                Thanks for your help!