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    Need clarification using the selection tool


      Hi all,

      I have some strange (to me) occurrences while using the 'selection tool'...




      I'm using PSE11 on a Win 7 (64) PC.



      What I want to do is to create a new pic from an existing pic.  The existing pic's background is unsuitable for what I want.  But the FG is what I need.  I thought that selecting the FG object and placing it into a new pic would be what I needed using the <quick selection tool>.



      To do this, I am trying to use the <quick selection tool>.  I've had varying degrees of success using it.  One main thing I don't understand & pretty much renders my task useless, is the fact that whenever I use <refine edge> so that I can refine my edge selection, my pic is immediately lost or taken away.  Since I have no idea as to what's happening, I am forced to close the pic (W/O saving changes, of course) & then re-opening the pic.  All's well until I use the <refine edge> button again, then, my pic disappears AGAIN!



      There are a few more details about this <selection tool> that I'm muddy on.  Is there something where I can read more about its use?  I would love to know more, but how?  Where?



      I am not a constant user of PSE, rather,  I only use it on occasions.  Normally, I use its scanning features.  I may play around with a few other features, but I also know that PSE offers many other powerful features, I rarely, if ever, use.