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    New Photoshop CC and lightroom deal


      I have photoshop CS5 now. I got a new camera, canon D60. The CS5 won't do raw files from the new camera. If I do the trial for the new Photoshop CC and lightroom package for $9.99 a month do I have to uninstall the old CS5? Can I use the new photoshop anywhere like the old program I have now?

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          No, you don't have to uninstall CS5.  But yes, you can use CC anywhere.  It still loads on your hard drive like any program, you just have to log on to the internet every so often (I think it's every couple of months?) to confirm that you're still paying your subscription fee.

          Edit: before you go spending money on something you might not need... CS5 should be able to read 60D raw files.  Try updating your ACR.


          Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows : Camera Raw 6.4.1 update


          Also, you could use Lightroom (which is looks like you're considering as well), but buy the standalone version of LR 5.  And Lightroom can import to Photoshop CS5 when you need to do edits.   The $9.99 is a great deal for anyone that uses both programs regularly and, more importantly, upgrades with every new release or so.  But not everyone does that, and not everyone feels the need to have the latest versions.  Me personally, I'm also hesitant to use a photo organization system like Lightroom and only lease it from Adobe.  These topics have all been beaten to death in here, so no need to rehash, just wanted to give you some options.