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    radio button

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      I have created a table which is populated with user's input. The purpose of the table is to confirm user's selections.


      There are three columns in this table: one labled "input", one labled "revise" and the final labeld "accept."


      On each row, there is user input, and a "revise" radio button and an "accept" radio button together in one subform.


      If user clicks on "revise", I would like to take user back to that section of the form.


      To get the "revise" radio button to move up a page is pretty straightforward- in Formcalc, it's xfa.host.pageUp().


      But, how do I get the revise radio button when selected to move user to a specific part of the form?


      My plan is to move user forward to the next page once all of the "accept" radio buttons are checked.


      Thank you for assistance. Help is appreciated.