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    Trouble converting catalogs from PSE11 to PSE13


      I have a Windows 7 PC and am trying to convert catalogs from PSE11 to PSE13. Only 2 catalogs have converted (I have several).  The others "fail" after the line:  "

      flattening 3gpp files, removing j2k files...An error was encountered in the sqlite database: unable to open database file


      conversion log: Conversion Failed"

      I have tried all the "solutions" recommended including repairing (not needed), optimizing, renaming thumb files, running as administrator, restoring, etc. to no avail. Adopbe does not provide phone support for the PSE13 product so no help there, nor with the "community" nor the suggestions I found on the forum.  Are there any other ideas as to why the "SQLite database" doesn't open?