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    Extracting an image data merge field using only an indesign file and not document.dataMergeProperties.dataMergeFields




      I have kind of a weird requirement but I hope you guys can help out.


      I need to extract all the custom fields used in an indesign file without referencing the dataMergeProperties of a document. Sorry if this is a weird request it is just what I've been told (our system needs to not crash when people upload a variety of in design documents to generate high resolution jpg preview documents).


      I can already get all the text custom fields by looking for "<<" and ">>" in the text frames of a document but I'm having a really hard time finding the image custom fields.

      I tried looking at the rectangles for a given page but that didn't seem to help (but maybe i'm missing some there). I also tried looking at the graphics and images collection of a document but this seemed to return only graphics that are hard coded on the in design document and not the custom image fields.


      Any help would be appreciated!