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    MPGS & direct media Xtra

    Level 7

      We want to play some mpgs in our movie
      We use for this purpose direct media xtra.

      On beginSprite in script on direct media sprite we assign a file to it
      the file of member ("DirectMediaXtraMember")=the moviepath&"movie1.mpg"

      The problem is, when the movie begins to play, direct media sprite for a
      couple of milliseconds is filled with black, then movie is played back, when
      it finishes, app shall go to the next frame and leave the sprite with
      directmedia castmember. At this moment directmedia sprite is again filled
      with black for a while.
      What Can I do to avoid this black on start and on end of the movie playback?

      mpgs has no black frames in it, so this is the problem of playback or xtra

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you for any advise