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    Moving photos


      How do I move a photo from quick collection to the previous import catalog I am working on?  I have a photo I edited from my first sd card and I saved that edited photo in the quick collection thinking I could go back in and copy that photo to my new import.  I am wanting to sync the setting from the photo in the quick collect to the new photos in the new import.  Would love some help!!

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you edited a photo on your SD card before you downloaded it, that was a mistake. I don't believe you understand how Lightroom works. The Quick collection is designed to quickly group images that are already on your hard drive, and in different folders. Is is way to group photos for exporting or printing, etc. Lightroom doesn't write changes to the image. All changes are stored in the catalog, nothing changes on your original image. I'm going to recommend that you take the time to watch a few videos to gain an understanding of how Lightroom works. And you should consider adjusting your workflow to accommodate Lightroom.

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