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    after effects default text video level hot

    asdfasdfe Level 1

      When creating text or graphics at peak white, when viewing on a waveform monitor the video levels are illegally high.

      There are peaks and oscillations at the edges of the black to white and white to black transitions that take the levels above .7mV and below 0mv. The Leader LV 5700A throws an alarm too.

      I do not believe this is a codec issue as you can render out various files (no video output needed) and transfer the file to Avids and see the same output issues.

      I also see this issue in Photoshop when using the blackmagic export function.

      One can lower the video manually, but these transition oscillations remain.

      I am wondering how to limit this peak white without having to use levels or color correction on everything generated from text or peak white graphics?

      This is Adobe CC After Effects and PS, blackmagic video card.  MAc OS 8.5

      It is also seen in CS6.