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    Osx Yosemite update advise

    Crobeccada Level 1

      Hi everyone! I am using some of Adobe CC 2013 version(with AE-, PR-7.2.2, AI 17.1.0) and Photoshop CC 2014(2014.2.0) with OSX Maveriks. Now, I want to update to OSX Yosemite. I have four questions:

      1 - What can I do if I want to update to 2014 CC version AE and PR without loosing all of my plugins and script(AE and PR)..?? Can I save only the plugin's folder and the repaste?

      2 - Is CC 2013 version of AE,PR and AI ready for Yosemite release? And the CC 2014?

      4 - Do you advise me tu update to Yosemite or I have to wait few days?

      Thank you so much for the replys!