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    InDesign CC 2014 export to fixed layout epub problem with iBooks


      I'm having a problem with InDesign CC 2014 export to fixed layout epub. 


      When I try to upload to Apple iTunes Producer, I get an error message that says "Error ITMS-9000: "Images larger than 3,200,00 pixels are not allowed in book. The following images are too large ...." And then it lists the culprit as a single PNG file that is not even part of my InDesign file.


      I have tried extracting the PNG file, but then the epub file doesn't work. 


      Note: All the placed files in InDesign are about 56K and 712 x 1067 pixels. I have tried rasterizing and not rasterizing the cover image.


      I'm on the new Yosemite OS X... so maybe it's an Adobe Apple compatibility problem.


      Thanks for any help.