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    Edge Animate: Change URL, Back and Forward Buttons (JS window.history)

    Tribar Media


      I want to build complete homepages with edge animate and i am on a good way but i have only one problem.

      A site built in Edge Animate seems to has fluently changes from site to site because it is only one site.

      So i have to simulate the feeling of junping to next site ore move forward

      An exaple: I have built a site with edge animate with the home button, info button and a contact button.

      i can switch fluently from one to the other. so it seems that it is a complete homepage but when i am on contact or on info i cannot klick to the back button on the browser.

      so i found on web that i can change the url state.

      i made a symbol then made a click event and put the line ---> window.history.pushState("Foto", "Title", "/photo");

      now the Url changes from "example.com" to "example.com/photo"


      Now the problem: How can i say to edge animate, that when i click the back button on the browser that it hast to go to timeline on a label?????


      Please answer me.

      I am sleepless until i understand it