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    single-letter auto capitalization


      I have searched for this many times and never seen it discussed. Is there a way to turn off the auto capitalization of single letters (without turning off the entire auto-cap feature)?


      For example, typing "12 m" for 12 meters auto corrects to 12 M. What is even stranger is that most letters auto correct, but some are excluded. (a, d, n, x, & y) are excluded, but all other letters will auto-cap. It gets very frustrating when you work with technical documents that use single letters frequently.


      I have searched through the user dictionary and can't find where these single letters are defined for capitalization. Could this be set up somewhere else, or is there a way to edit the main dictionary?

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Can you give an example of cases where single letters are excluded? When I type 12 m, the "m" is not capitalized with Autocorrect Capitalization Errors enabled.

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            RTS_Engineering Level 1

            The letters I listed above are excluded (a, d, n, x, and y). All other letters will auto-cap as soon as you press the spacebar or type a comma, period, etc. When I was writing my original question above, I had InDesign CS5 open and typed out the entire alphabet from A to Z with a space between each letter. This is how I determined that a, d, n, x, & y do not auto-cap.


            The possible good news is that if you didn't see "12 m" auto-cap on your computer, then there is a chance it is some obscure setting on my computer that can be corrected. My previous fear was that this was hard-coded into the program and couldn't be turned off.

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              RTS_Engineering Level 1

              Here's an interesting update. I have both CS3 and CS5 on my workstation but never use CS3. So I opened CS3 and tried the same A to Z experiment. The only letters that auto-cap in CS3 are the letters C and I. The letter "I" is of course understandable, but I have no idea why "C" would be included when no other letters auto-cap.

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                Ellis home Level 4

                I'm using CC 2014 latest version on Windows 8.1. Following your experiment I typed the alphabet with each letter followed by a period. I get c, g, k, m, p, r, t, v, w, that don't auto-cap. But all of them auto-cap when typed by themselves at the beginning of a sentence. That's why I was asking you in what context the letters don't auto-cap.