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    syncing causing problems with my computer.


      when syncing cc, my track pad/mouse go crazy like my computer is possessed... any one else having problems

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have not provided any system information or other details like what mouse you actually use, so nobody can tell you anything specific. Presumably this is jsut some weird driver issue.



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            imjustjanie Level 1

            Sorry  - I already reported it to adobe, they told me to uninstiall cc and reinstall - it still doesn't help.


            I have Mac osx 10.9.5, on both mac and macbook pro, track ball, logitech, but it's not the mouse, I've replaced the battery, turned it off, it still happens with the track pad.  I will be online with facebook etc, and in the back ground new folders are opening on my desktop.  It will go to launch pad and back. If I'm reading an article on google and the cursor is hovering over a work - it will highlight and look it up in a dictionary for me.  It will act as if I'm always right clicking when you hover over something,  adobe apps that I've very seldom used will open, such as photoshop lightroom, Muse etc.  on the bottom menu bar when you try to right-click to force quit, it won't work.  It's like my computer is possessed.  when I quit creative cloud desktop - it stops.