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    fast forward both a .flv and the main timeline?

    MikeD. Level 1
      I have a flash movie that contains a .flv video of 2 "talking heads" on one side. On the other side is an area where various charts and graphs appear in relation to what the 2 people are discussing. I need to have a "fast forward" and "rewind" button that can fast forward both the .flv and the main timeline so they stay in sync. The videos are too long to embed in Flash 8 (about 7-10 minutes each), so I can't figure out how to keep the main timeline and .flv video in sync. This was easy in MX because, for whatever reason, I was able to embed the videos w/out any audio/video sync issues, but in Flash 8 the audio is waay off the video after about 15 seconds.

      Anyway, I came up with an idea that isn't working. I figured if I took the _currentframe value and divided by 12, that would tell me how many seconds into the video I am. I set this to a variable, and then incremented by 120 to jump ahead 10 seconds. I also used this variable (pre-increment) to try to seek 10 seconds ahead in the video. It may be easier just to take a quick look at my code! :-)

      When I execute this, I actually tend to jump backwards in the .flv video AND main timeline. I'm sure I have something confused, so any suggestions as to how to accomplish such a thing would be greatly appreciated.