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    How to install phonegap build addon ?




      I've recently updated my version of Dreamweaver CC 2014 via the Creative Cloud Application.


      Since this update I could not start the Phonegap Build Addon, do I decided to uninstall/reinstall it.

      This action did not solve the problem, so I decided to reinstall Dreamweaver all together.


      But now I don't see the Phonegap Build option under the Site-menu.

      I tried to reinstall the addon, but still no Phonegap Build option in the site-menu.


      I also tried to install the addon via the Extention Manager, but in this case I get an error message:

      Failed to get user account information for Adobe Exchange Extention. The extention will not be installed.


      Please, can someone help me to fix this problem ?

      How can I reinstall this addon in Dreamweaver ?