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    Flash Update Wrecking Safari Session


      I am so tired of this and since adobe offers absolutely no way to reach out to anyone other than a forum, here goes!!


      you prompt me to update my flash player. then you tell me that i MUST CLOSE SAFARI to do so. fine.


      i have my settings so that when *I* reopen safari, my old tabs reopen. PERFECT, right?




      the idiotic flash update app AUTOMATICALLY REOPENS SAFARI!




      so you can try to push some of your programs on me, because obviously if I want to use flash while browsing the web, i must need lightroom (are you freaking serious?!??!)


      but now that you have gone ahead and reopened safari, ALL OF MY OLD TABS ARE GONE!


      now you're probably thinking you might reply and say to just scan through my history, yeah?


      nope! sometimes i leave tabs up for days or weeks while i am using them.


      fix this. it is absolutely no better than spam and i lost some important information so that i could update your program at your behest.

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          pwillener Level 8

          You can always disable automatic updates, then run the update when you are in the mood.

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            Hi pwillner and jasonguysmiley,


            I have the same problem and posted on Jan 14, 2015.  This is not an issue with automated updates.  I do the manual update and the problem is exactly the same.


            I called adobe flash player technical support phone number 1 877-587-1877.  They want $59 (warranty only 6 months) to fix this problem as they use a third party to solve this issue; they themselves provide no support.  Or buy the paid version!  They insist it is my network issue which I absolutely can not believe.

            It is adobe Flash player update that forces reopening of safari and wracks the safari losing all windows from last session. That is not my network.  Adobe does not appear to have a proper safari compatible flash player update.

            Besides, this is a known problem at Adobe and they are not fixing it and want money to fix it one person at a time!  They also shared that 25% to 30% of the installations have this problem... wow!! and they still will not fix it in a general update!  I wonder if safari has a plug in update that can fix this?

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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hello jasonguysmiley,

              We realize this is a huge frustration point with our users and are working to change the requirement to close browsers during the installation process.