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    HomeSite and RDS Connection

    drmaves Level 1
      I have been using HomeSite for years and connecting to my server using RDS. I woke this morning to find that I could no longer connect to my server. When I try I receive a 'HTTP Error 404. I think something changed on my server last night as there were other strange things going on today. I seem to remember having to make some kind of server adjustment two years agoa to get RDS to work. Does anyone have any ideas on why I am getting this error and how to resolve it?
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          drmaves Level 1
          We've resolved this issue so I thought I would post the solution for others that may experience this in the future.

          The problem was in the web.xml file which had the following location on my server:


          In that file there are two sections that nee to be active for RDS to work properly. These sections are clearly identified as RDS sections. Evidentally the default file from the installation has these commented out which caused the HTTP Error 404 I was receiving.

          In our situation the default file had been restored with these two sections commented out, consequently RDS would not work properly.