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    Flowing text onto a second page: problem with new paragraph tag <\p>


      Hi all,

      in the attachment “layout_with_issue” you can check a correct split among different pages for the first row/section “Commercial Description” of the table view (page from 1 to 4).

      On the other hand, row/section “Other Mandatory Information” (page 6 and 7) is not split correctly: some blank space is presented at page 6, and some of the relevant text is displayed in page 7 (here you can also notice that table is in front of the page footer and not all the text is displayed).

      I have notice that this behavior is presented when a new paragraph starts within the textfield (that means it is used a <\p> tag within the textfield).


      Just some quick information: I have defined table row as subform. Page break is allowed.


      I have tried several tricks but the issue still remains.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Thanks in advance.

      Download PDF from here:

      Dropbox - layout_with_issue.pdf